Long-Range Training Plan

Start at the end!

How do you develop a long-range training plan? You start at the end of the training and work towards the present. In my case my A race is the Leadville 100 on August 22, 2020. So I started planning my training based on that date and worked my way back to the present date.

How did I go about making that training plan? I read Jason Koop’s book “Training Essentials For Ultrarunning”and ran my plan by a fellow ultra runner. Notice I said “read”! I would not suggest trying to create a long-range plan without reading the entire book first. There is a whole chapter dedicated on the topic of a long-range plan, but everything else in the book helps support it.

I originally had 8 week training blocks but after running the plan by a friend they said I would be burnt out if I went that route. One thing to keep in mind while reading the book is that the references used as examples are based on elite runners. Majority of us are not elite runners and need to adjust accordingly. After reading the chapter again and taking feedback from my friend I shortened my training blocks to 4 weeks.

So what does my long-range plan look like?

  • 2019
    • September
      • Endurance/Tempo
    • October
      • Tempo/Endurance
    • November
      • Intervals
    • December
      • Recovery/Tempo
  • 2020
    • January
      • Tempo/Recovery/Endurance
    • February
      • Endurance/Recovery/Intervals
    • March
      • Intervals/Recovery/Tempo
    • April
      • Tempo
    • May
      • Recovery/Endurance
    • June
      • Endurance
    • July
      • Endurance
    • August
      • Endurance

Stay tuned to this blog for more in depth explanations of each training block and how I am progressing.

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