This page is a work in progress.  I will add dates to when information is added so you can quickly know if anything new has been added since you last visited.

4-10-2018 – Page Creation

4-15-2018 – Added Mile 1, 2, and 3 descriptions

4-16-2018 – Added YouTube video for mile 1

4-172018 – Added YouTube video for mile 2

This page is dedicated to helping runners conquer the Pikes Peak Ascent. Many of you do not live close to Colorado Springs and training on the mountain is not an option. I am spoiled and live only 45 minutes from the start of the race. Hopefully, you have mountains where you live to train on. If not, you can still conquer the mountain.

I originally found Matt Carpenters page where he covers the course from start to finish.  It was a huge help in understanding the course and setting a goal time to reach the top.  So you may see some similarities between his page and mine. Throughout this page will are notes about the course, pictures, and links to my YouTube channel where I have documented each mile of the race.

Mile 1:  The start line is at the corner of Manitou Ave and El Paso Blvd.  This is at the corner of Memorial Park, in Manitou Springs where the pre and post race events happen.  Mile 1 is all pavement and you will be running Eastbound on Manitou Ave through the heart of Manitou.  On race day the road is shut down so you will not need to worry about dodging cars.  When you reach Ruxton Ave take a left.  Ruxton is closed as well so enjoy running in the middle of the street.  Mile 1 is complete just before you get to the Pikes Peak Cog Railway station.  You started at 6,306 feet and have climbed 213 feet.

YouTube Video Pikes Peak Ascent Mile 1

Mile 2: You are now at 6,519 feet and just below the Pikes Peak Cog Railway station.  Continue on Ruxton. Hydro St. will be on your right pretty quick and this starts the first switchback to reach the top of the W’s.  At 1.5 miles you will get off the pavement and hit dirt.  1.7 miles into the race you will take a hard right and start-up switchback #2.  At the end of mile 2, you will have gained 613 feet and will be ready to head up switchback #3.

YouTube Video Pikes Peak Ascent Mile 2

Mile 3: You are now at 7,146 feet and starting switchback #3.