Can you spot me in this photo? I’m the overweight ginger on the far left, barely fitting into my Bills shirt. Back in October 2015, I weighed 206 pounds and was completely out of shape. But fast forward to February 2017, and I successfully completed my first half marathon. How did I do it? It all started when my wife and I joined a running club after a few beers with friends. Little did we know we had signed up for 38 races for the 2016 season! But we talked ourselves into it and decided to go for it. From logging my first 1.5 miles around the neighborhood, I went on to complete the Pikes Peak Ascent, Garden of the Gods 10 mile, Summer Round Up, ADT Marathon, Barr Trail Mountain Race, Leadville Marathon, Silver Rush 50, and 62 miles of the Leadville 100. I hope my journey can be an inspiration to others.