100 Pages in One Sitting

I am not a reader. Yes I can read, but rarely do I enjoy sitting still long enough to start reading a book. I usually find myself reading short articles, 5 minute read or less. My main form of information consumption is watching videos online. My brain loves the video and this is how I retain information. This is one reason why I struggled in school. Teachers would give you a book, say read this chapter, and then test on it. I never retained the information from just reading.

So for the first time in a long time I sat down and opened a book and started reading. My goal was to read the first chapter.

A while back I started following Rob Steger on Instagram, Training for Ultra. Started listening to his podcast as well. I quickly realized his story was very similar to mine. Overweight, bad health habits and could not run a mile if his life depended on it. So naturally, I could relate to his story and found his content interesting. His new book just dropped on February 27, 2019, and it just happens that his first book event was 1 hour away. I made the trip to Denver to Boulder Running CO and got to run a few miles with Rob, shared a beer (FKT by Sufferfest is my new favorite beer) and had some time for some Q&A.

I could not put his book down after the first chapter. After two hours I had read the first 100 pages of his book. That is fast for me. His story is similar to mine but Rob really started putting on the miles his first year. After three years of running, I am getting into wanting to run longer distances. The crazy idea of running these ultramarathons has an allure that is hard to put into words. So I just use a hashtag to explain it #iRun4TheFunOfIT

So what am I doing tonight? Reading another 100 pages to finish the book.