Do you battle with weight loss?  Do you struggle to keep the weight off?

I am in the same boat!  If you read my story on the front page of this website you will know that I once weighed two hundred and six pounds.  I have reached one hundred and seventy pounds and have been hovering at that weight for five months now. I am ok with that weight. Today I weighed myself and I am almost at one hundred and seventy-seven pounds.  I do blame spring break a little bit.

It was just a weeks vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. I had to have some “real” Mexican food, maybe twice, pizza, pizza leftovers, snacks, beer every day.  You get the picture.

I really do not want to obsess about my weight, but I really do struggle keeping the weight off.  If I was not running I would be right back to two hundred plus pounds.  Today I was really feeling the extra weight.  Ran up to the top of the W’s on Barr Trail and I was five minutes slower than normal.  I just felt sluggish.

I am setting a goal to be at one hundred and sixty pounds by the Pikes Peak Ascent.  It is going to be a challenge to get there, but I know I can do it if I put in the work.