2019 Pikes Peak Ascent Recap – Disaster Weeks Leading Up to the Race

2019 was my third consecutive year running the Pikes Peak Ascent. 2018 was cut short at Barr Camp, 7.5 miles into the race, due to weather. The race directors did not want to send 1800 people up the mountain above tree line when there was a high probability of electrical storms that day. I agree with the decision they made as being above tree line in an electrical storm can be deadly. I definitely wanted to live another day so I could continue running.

Overall I was happy how the race went based on my training leading up to the race. I made it to the top in 4 hours and 9 minutes. A little slower then my 2017 time of 3 hours and 53 minutes.

My weeks leading up to the race were a disaster. Towards the end of June I thought it would be a good idea to surf behind a boat. I had waked boarded before, so how hard could it be? I did surf, but the first few times trying to get up out of the water I was drinking the lake and got dragged behind the boat. I ended up pulling my left hamstring. I go no training in for the month of July trying to heal.

Towards the end of July I decided to take up CrossFit. The goal of just increasing my overall fitness. The day before the Barr Trail Mountain Race I caught my toe doing box jumps. I hit my shin, my thigh and ribs. I was on the fence about running the race. I decided to at least start. I ended up finishing the race under the cutoff but every step coming down was painful.

Only three weeks until the Ascent and I am wrecked!! All I could do was rest and let my body heal. No running, no CrossFit, no altitude training. I did get some short, slow runs in a week out from the race, but that was it.

You never know what life is going to throw at you. So I just went with it and did not stress out over not being prepared for the race. I just told myself #iRun4TheFunofIT and did just that.