5th Time at Barr Camp

Not sure that I planned going up to Barr Camp today, but a few other runners were headed up that way and I joined in.  This was the 5th time that I had been up to Barr Camp in my running career.  Now that I think of it, this seems like a small amount of times.

  1. February of 2017, ended up at Barr Camp on a whim
  2. Barr Trail Mountain Race – 2017
  3. A few weeks before the 2017 Pikes Peak Ascent
  4. 2017 Pikes Peak Ascent
  5. Today

Not sure what it was today but the trail seemed like more work than normal.  Maybe that was because I put in 5 tough miles yesterday running up and down High Drive.  All I know is that I need to get up above No Name on a regular basis to start getting some higher altitude training in.  Once I get above 9000 feet, I can really start feeling the effects of less oxygen.

Make sure you checkout the video I posted of the run.