iRun4TheFunOfIT Podcast Is Coming!!!

Yes another running podcast, but this one is going to be different!

I have listened to a few podcasts on running and the host usually has some famous, well at least famous in the running world, runner on the show.  They are usually elite runners.    iRun4theFunOfIT is going to focus on the everyday runner and may have an elite runner on the show when we can.  What do I mean by the everyday runner?  Everyday runners are the rest of us that are not elites.

I have several goals for the show.  They are:

  • Inspire non-runners to get out and run
  • Motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle (eating habits, going to the gym)
  • Encourage people to lose weight
  • Help a runner signup for their first 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra
  • Connect people with local running groups, because running by yourself can be boring and groups hold you accountable

Along the way, we will review running gear,  talk about injuries, how to avoid injuries, training schedules and races that we are running.

I look forward to connecting with you and having you on the show.  Stay tuned for the first show.