Super Half Marathon and Game Day 5k

I did not run the race! What is wrong with me?

Well there is nothing wrong with me. It was nice to be at a race and just take it in. I posted my daily vlog on my YouTube channel that recaps the race. I have more footage for a longer version and will be publishing that video soon.

Rumors floating around were that the attendance for the race this year were record numbers. Makes sense, since the race was canceled last year due to the pandemic and people are excited to get out and start running races in person. You can only do so many virtual races and keep your sanity.

As always Tim Bergsten puts on an excellent race. Tim is well known in the running community. When he is not directing a race, he is out taking photos of runners and runs Not running the race this year gave me time to just observe to what is going on. From my perspective I witnessed a well oiled machine. The finish line was set up early, registration and shirt pickup was flowing, the marching band showed up for live music, the race started on time, roads had been barricaded for running safety and there was a rewards ceremony at Jack Quinn’s after the race. However I am sure if I was to chat with Tim, yesterday was chaotic for him. Maybe that is just the life of a race director?

Maybe next year I will run the 5k and bring my GoPro along. Until then I am continuing my training for the Pikes Peak Marathon. Registration opens soon and I will be online early to get my spot.