Voice and Ethics

Today I attended #voicelunch and Rick “EchoDad” Merrett brought up the topis of voice and ethics. Who makes the rules on what is available on voice? How can you control what is available to your family through voice? When should you know when you are talking to a human or a bot? This topic was brought up because he asked Alexa to give him a quote from a movie and the response was to the effect of getting drunk and watching porn. Luckily he was using Alexa by himself at the time and his kids were not around.

This post is purposely left open-ended as it is an ongoing topic. Topics that need to be thought about:

Who is responsible for ethics?

How can we hold voice accountable?

How to hold sources accountable?

Parents need need to be held accountable.

Should a user be told that they are talking to a bot?

What is ethical in one country may not be ethical in another country.